Pour Spout

The best solution for cafés, pubs, discothèques, nightclubs & restaurants. It is the cheapest wireless control system.

    The Powerful Pour Spout
  • The newly developed spout is the smallest and most powerful liquor dispenser on the market.

    4 Pour Sizes
  • Quick and precise dispensing of 4 different pour sizes which is easily programmable through software. With a simple push of the button to change of 2cl, 3cl, 4cl, and 5cl or any other sizes.

    Free Pour Option
  • In addition to the 4 programmable pour sizes the Skyflo Spout has a free pour mode with counting every cl / ounce.

    Rechargeable Battery
  • A powerful Li-ion battery allows it to pour more than 4000 drinks without recharging.

    Bartender ID and Bottle Change
  • A built-in bi-directional radio transceiver communicates with the Master where all bottle changing and bartender ID is registered.

Radio frequency: free frequency ISM 868 MHz in Europe, ISM 915 MHz in USA & Australia, program adjustable.

download specification (298KB)
How to Use (115KB)