The ultimate in innovative liquor control systems for the hospitality industry.

Skyflo is comprised of a complete family of wireless products that provides control solutions for every aspect of beverage dispensing and inventory management. It tracks the Who, What, How Much and When of every pour in real time! Skyflo also provides inventory management of all open goods entered into the Skyflo system. Skyflo is architected for easy integration with POS systems so that dispensing can be checked against POS receipts identifying problems for immediate resolution.

The best solution for caf¨¦s, pubs, discoth¨¨ques, nightclubs & restaurants. It is the cheapestwireless control system.

     The Skyflo wireless system:

  • Reduces cost and increases profits
  • Is easy to install and use
  • Immediately provides real time sales data from any location
  • Ensures product consistency with quick and precise dispensing
  • Addresses all aspects of open goods inventory management and control with a comprehensive and unified wireless system
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Pour Spout

Portion control, pre-measured 4 pour size, free pour option, rechargeable battery, Bartender ID recognition & bottle change registration.


Pre-measured 4 dispensing sizes, rechargeable battery, Bartender ID recognition & bottle change registration.

Beer Monitor

One Beer Monitor controls up to 4 beer lines. No cables, no drilling holes.

Optic Pearl

Replace the old Optic Pearl Support with Skyflo Optic Pearl Support, your bar is upgraded with wireless control.


It is the cheapest way to upgrade your bar with wireless control, for bottles without pour spouts or just add to your existing pour spouts.

ID Watch

Skyflo™ Bartender ID is an optional device from Sky Channel that uses RF technology and works in conjunction with a variety of other Skyflo products. Unique identities of up to 128 different Bartender IDs.

Master Unit

Being the heart of the Skyflo Wireless Network, it manages all wireless products: Pour Spout, SKYFIX, Beer Monitor, Optic Pearl, SKYTAG and Bartender ID.